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What We Do

Promedica conducts qualitative and quantitative primary marketing research focused on the healthcare industry — both in the U.S. and in key international markets via global alliances in Europe, Latin America, the Pacific Rim, and Canada. Our specialty is new product planning, with an emphasis on the strategic and tactical marketing issues that impact the successful launch of new products and ongoing lifecycle management.

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Study Types — from market assessment and optimization to brand positioning, messaging, promotion and lifecycle management

Methodologies — in-depth personal interviews, telephone interviews, innovative web-assisted methods and a unique, sophisticated approach to online research

Industry Focus — expertise in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices across a wide range of therapeutic classes and healthcare audiences

“There is something called project chemistry. You get a great product when you get good people who think smart and work well together. That remains a very strong benefit of working with Promedica over the years. Fifteen years and still counting.”

Mike Sperling
Giant Creative Strategy

“The analysis, insight, and perspective that they bring to the results really demonstrate the kind of knowledge you can only get from working together as a team and focusing on healthcare for years. I almost feel that they have been a part of my company wherever I have been, I just feel that comfortable with them.”

Jerry Beers
Senior Vice President and
Chief Commercial Officer,
Itero Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

“If someone were looking for a firm that has seasoned professionals with the ability to turn projects quickly, and provide strategic analysis and insight, I would recommend that they talk with Promedica.”

Chris Hays
Senior Marketing Manager,

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