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Medical Data Concepts

An Exclusive Partnership, A Fully Integrated Field Service Team

Specialized medical recruiters. Experienced medical telephone interviewers. Data management experts. This is Medical Data Concepts, a medical marketing research field service working exclusively with Promedica. This dedicated organization handles recruitment and data management for our studies — giving us the scale and scope we require to maintain our standards of excellence. Having contracted with the Medical Data Concepts’ team over many years, we established an exclusive partnership in 2003. 

Our partnership provides you with key benefits:




Confidence at All Levels — The difference between a good marketing research study and a great one can depend on what happens behind the scenes — recruiting, telephone interviewing for quantitative studies, data tabulation and coding.  The individuals responsible for these aspects of a study are key contributors to its success. At Promedica quality assurance is built in – the experienced medical field team at MDC dedicates its talents exclusively to Promedica adding value across all study types.

Quality and Consistency — We work as a team with constant interaction, high expectations, accountability, and consistency within and across projects.

Responsiveness — Our exclusive arrangement means there is no competition with other “jobs” or priorities. We have immediate access to all aspects of field support enabling responsiveness and flexibility that few can match.

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Personal Interviews

“I think what makes us different is our qualitative edge. We don’t just fill slots, and we are not just seeing how many respondents can we get to fill a survey. We’ve been providing support for Promedica’s projects for years and understand how they work and what their clients need.”

Karen Crowe
President, Medical Data Concepts

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