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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

We’ve worked with many of our clients for years. We think that says something about the quality of work we do. Read what our clients think differentiates our services, and our approach.

Jerry Beers, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Itero Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Richard Clark, Senior Director of Commercial Operations at ARYx Therapeutics

Fred Dotzler, Managing Director of De Novo Partners

Chris Hays, Senior Marketing Manager at Amgen

Holly Johnson, Director of Business Analysis and Information at Amgen

Mauri Y. Okamoto-Kearney, Senior Vice President of Product Development & New Product Planning at KAI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kim Popovits, President and CEO of Genomic Health

Shefali Shah, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing & Market Analytics at Exelixis

Lisa Shapiro, Principal of Shapiro Solutions

Ted Snelgrove, Chief Commercialization Officer for Crescendo Bioscience

Mike Sperling, a Principal at Giant Creative Strategy

Jerry Beers, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Itero Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., a startup company developing low risk therapeutic proteins and antibodies.

“I’ve worked with Promedica for more than 20 years, and I continue to select them because interestingly enough, I grew up with them in the industry … so I got to know and trust them early on. They are tried and true professionals. They have earned my trust and respect while working together on many diverse projects over the years.

“I’ve gotten to know Joan and Susan, and Dick and Rob extremely well. They are a well oiled machine, they have worked together for so many years, they are extremely knowledgeable about which methodologies work best, and under which circumstances and have been very good at guiding me through that process. I’ve never done marketing research myself, but have always felt confident working directly with them because I knew they would point me in the right direction.

“The analyses, insight, and perspective that they bring to the results really demonstrate the kind of knowledge you can only get from working together as a team and focusing on healthcare for years — they have gleaned experience from many therapeutic areas.

“And when I have moved to other companies, they are the first firm I think of to help me better understand new markets — markets where I don’t always have experience. Once I know what my key objectives are, they zero in on what I’m trying to accomplish and what I need to know. They ask the right questions in the right way, so you get the answers that you need to make informed decisions. The information that I get back from them can be used in meetings with the board of directors or other senior executives, including potential partners.

“I almost feel that they have been a part of my company wherever I have been, I just feel that comfortable with them. I don’t hesitate to share good or bad news with them. It is as if they are part of my company, part of my staff.

“The way they communicate, the way they interact with client companies — I have always been impressed. They are the consummate professionals, delightful to work with, and extremely knowledgeable.”

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Richard Clark, Senior Director of Commercial Operations at ARYx Therapeutics, a privately held, product-driven pharmaceutical company with leading expertise and significant intellectual property in the area of retrometabolic drug design.

“I’ve worked with Promedica while at a large pharmaceutical company and at startups, and they have always done a great job.  As an example, while at a large pharmaceutical company, we had a complex issue to resolve. Promedica did the work for us. They really identified the key drivers, the unmet needs, and the issues that helped us put a plan together.

“After that large-company experience, I went to work at a startup and used Promedica again. I had never been the front-end person for marketing research (usually I had a staff that did that), and I definitely needed someone I could trust. As a startup with limited resources, I wasn’t going to be able to do 10 different studies to answer the questions I needed answered. I needed to get it done with someone I could trust so we could get the clarifying pieces of data that we needed. They not only helped us understand the market, and what we needed to do but they also helped us get the data we needed to keep the investors interested in supporting the company until we found out whether the (our) drug worked or not.

“Promedica will understand what you are trying to do even if you don’t completely understand it. They will put the project together in a way that gives you actionable, understandable data that will help you make a decision.”

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Fred Dotzler, Managing Director of De Novo Partners, a premier venture capital firm specializing in early stage life science investing.

“Promedica helps us gauge reactions to new products or product concepts from a large number of potential customers. We’ve also used them to conduct pricing studies and product positioning studies. They aren’t married to any one marketing research methodology – this is important to us. And they always deliver.
“Promedica has extensive experience across a number of therapeutic areas, and use a wide variety of tools, including innovative online studies.”

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Chris Hays, Senior Marketing Manager at Amgen.

“I was looking to conduct a rather complex market research project that had multiple audiences and payor issues. I wanted to be sure that the people I spoke with about the project were the people that actually worked on my project. With Promedica, the team that initiates the project is the one on the ground working through the issues and carrying it to conclusion. It has been a pleasure working with Promedica and I have recommended them to my colleagues.
“During my project I found it helpful to leverage Promedica’s experience. We worked together to develop a solid methodology to target the underlying issues. The final discussion guide was more complete as a result of the hard work put in during the planning phase of the project. Promedica does not just act as a marketing research vendor, but as a partner.
“If someone were looking for a firm that has seasoned professionals with the ability to turn projects quickly, and provide strategic analysis and insight, I would recommend that they talk with Promedica.”

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Holly Johnson, Director of Business Analysis and Information at Amgen, a leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry.

“I always work with someone really senior at Promedica — every project I’ve done, I’ve had either Joan or Susan. And Dick and Rob are fantastic, and very skilled moderators. In fact, I feel like I have a relationship with the Promedica team that goes beyond the working relationship you generally have with suppliers. We’ve even traded wine!

“What I think sets them apart is the personal attention you get when they work with you. It is almost as if your project is the only one they have, yet you know that is not the case — but that’s the personal attention you get. It is not like going to a large marketing research organization where you never know who gets put on your project. You always know the quality you’re going to get with Promedica and that a senior team member will be on your account. It’s just an issue of trust. You know when you give them something that it will be done really well, and you won’t need to constantly check in — they have a vested interest in delivering the best for every project, large or small. And they always deliver.”

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Mauri Y. Okamoto-Kearney, Senior Vice President of Product Development & New Product Planning at KAI Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held drug discovery and development company.

“I think what differentiates Promedica is the experience of the principals. They know how to ask the right questions. When I was first introduced to them back in 1992, I loved them immediately because of their unique and thoughtful approach.

“I’ve worked with them for years — starting in new product planning at Genentech. Actually, Joan trained me in primary marketing research methodology and interpretation.

“At KAI, as a startup, I need market feedback to support our development projects. I consider Promedica as part of my company — as if they headed up my marketing research department.

“I trust their judgment. They are insightful, very capable, experienced professionals. If they say not to ask a question in a certain way, or study market acceptance with a particular group of physicians or payors, I’d seriously listen to them.”

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Kim Popovits, President and CEO of Genomic Health, a life science company focused on the development and commercialization of genomic-based clinical laboratory services for cancer that allow physicians and patients to make individualized treatment decisions.

“They remind me of a specialty boutique — they are really focused on the individual needs of a customer, and they don’t come at market research with a cookie-cutter approach that makes you feel like you are getting information you could buy off the shelf. They do a thorough job of interviewing the various stakeholders so they know specifically what the client is looking for, and they add significant value by highlighting additional information that can be obtained through comprehensive marketing research. Best of all, the principals stay involved, and don’t hand the study off to a team less familiar with the business objective of the research.

“What I’ve been impressed with over the 15+ years I’ve worked with them is that as they have grown their business, the quality of their work just gets better, but the overall approach doesn’t change. When you work with them, you feel like you are their only client. They really want to learn and understand the business and I think that really sets them apart. I would absolutely recommend them … I like working with people whose values are aligned with mine and with our organization. They are highly ethical, capable, and very bright — I respect the work they do and value the contribution they make to important strategic decisions.

“I have always felt that with Joan and Susan, it wasn’t so much that they were just building a business, rather that they wanted to make a difference. And it feels that way when working with them and in the product they produce. With Promedica, you get very individualized service unlike what you get working with a larger marketing research firm. They are also very mindful of a company’s resources and how to best leverage what we are able to do to get the best information at any given point in time.”

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Shefali Shah, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing & Market Analytics at Exelixis, a development-stage biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases.

“Promedica is tremendously flexible. (They give) me a sense that they are not just looking to do work and charge their clients fees. They think more about what is important to me, and what will make me successful. 

“They have a lot of experience, and have strengths in doing both qualitative and quantitative work. I think it’s also important that they really understand oncology — and the issues in this area.”

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Lisa Shapiro,
Principal of Shapiro Solutions, a consulting practice that focuses exclusively on pharmaceutical and biotech — from strategy to commercial development.

“What I like about Promedica as a marketing research firm is that they really listen to my clients’ needs, understand what the objective of the project is, and what the questions are that we want answered. They work with us to design the right way to get the answers we need. It‘s not just a plug and play approach with these set techniques. They are very thoughtful as we work through the study, not only in the initial set up but as we do the first few interviews. They are great about making suggestions for improving the process, including streamlining it to make it more efficient.

“They listen and pay attention up front so the research is set up well, creating a smooth process. I will recommend them, and I’m actually looking for opportunities where I can collaborate with them again.”

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Ted Snelgrove, Chief Commercialization Officer for Crescendo Bioscience, a startup focused on developing a broad range of quantitative, objective diagnostic tools to help Rheumatologists more effectively manage patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

“What differentiates Promedica is the depth and breadth of their experience in the healthcare field and the quality of the staff. I’ve been working with them for almost 20 years, and they are very flexible and can handle my customized needs. I’ve been involved with them on new products or entirely new categories. This type of research is more complicated than marketing research where the respondents are asked to think of analogs in their current world. This type of novel new product technology requires a marketing research team that is flexible and experienced enough to figure it all out, and one that gives good advice — telling us where we should cut, or dig for more information. Promedica gets involved and works as part of our team, they don’t rest until they have it all figured out. With Promedica, you aren’t just hiring a function; you are hiring virtual team members.

“Because Promedica has a diverse customer base and has worked on a wide range of projects, they bring a broad perspective. They actually help us refine the project. They can introduce ideas for greater efficiency, more focus, or ways to simplify a study that would not have occurred to us since we’re not professional market researchers.

“Some of the key insights we’ve developed in our markets came directly from the research Promedica conducted. On more than one occasion, Promedica has been successful in ferreting out the right information, and has made a big difference. Also, their follow-up reporting is excellent.

“When you really need to know the answer, call on them. I’ve comfortably invited my board members to sit in on market research meetings with Promedica.”

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Mike Sperling,
a Principal at Giant Creative Strategy, a San Francisco-based healthcare communications agency.

“There is something called project chemistry. You get a great product when you get good people who think smart and work well together. That remains a very strong benefit of working with Promedica over the years. Fifteen years and still counting.

“Their knowledge base and experience make it clearly evident that they know what they are doing. They help companies go down the right pathway — and this is my rationale for bringing them back in.
I consider them to be a marketing research vendor of choice.

“My key takeaway on Promedica? I have confidence that the job will get done extremely well, and believe that the insights and values they provide will enable us to move forward quickly and correctly.“

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